June 24, 2024

Mark Maynard for West Virginia State Senate

This campaign is about the people of West Virginia


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Serving District 6:
District Counties: McDowell, Mercer, Mingo, Wayne (part)


Mark is a proven lawmaker in West Virginia. Addressing issues that matter to his constituents. He has ideas that build a better future. Making West Virginia the best place to raise a family, live and work.

Mark Maynard West Virginia State Senator
Excited to file pre-candidacy papers to run for re-election for the 6th Senatorial district in the 2022 election in the WV Secretary of States office surrounded by the support of my colleagues. Not tagged, Senator Roberts, President Blair, Senator Swope and Charles Clements.
Meeting with President Donald Trump
Meeting with President Donald Trump.
Williamson West Virginia
Williamson West Virginia, the Marrowbone head-start near the Southside mall.
West Virginia State Senate_Mark Maynard